Father's Day DIY by Cassie Lytle

Who needs a Father's Day DIY project?
Father's Day is coming soon. What do you have planned for your dad or husband? Think about what your dad/husband likes and what his hobbies are. For this year the theme that my children are doing for their dad is bicycles. His passion is riding his bike. What a great way to honor him by choosing his favorite hobby.

For the colors we chose blue and red because those are his favorite colors. We gave him a menu ahead of time to fill out his favorite breakfast items so that we can be prepared for the big day. For the background we chose a bicycle wheel and carefully placed pictures of their dad on the spokes of the wheel. We thought he might appreciate the pictures. We also decided to use Scrabble pieces to spell "Ride Down Hill Fast". He loves playing Scrabble so we thought it would be a fun idea. We found a place card with a bicycle picture on it to place on his napkin. We also used a plaid scrap paper for an accent and a star plate to complete the look. We love our dads and we wish each of them a Happy Father's Day!
This post was brought to you by Cassie Lytle!!!

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