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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Have you heard of VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends? VTech has some pretty amazing and fun toys so I was excited when they contacted me with an opportunity.
Go! Go! Smart Friends™ features adorable, colorful playsets and chunky characters that infuse traditional role-play with modern technology and are packed with personality.

Each set features MagicPoint™ locations that bring the characters and playsets to life with lights, sounds, music and motion, while delivering manipulative play features and charming details, giving children a comprehensive, multi-faceted play experience.

Additionally, the Go! Go! Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home™ includes VTech’s innovative, new MagicChat™ feature which allows two figures* to chat and sing songs together. 

Go! Go! Smart Friends™ are available exclusively at Toys“R”Us® stores nationwide and online at Toysrus.com.

*Playset comes with one figure; additional figures sold separately, MSRP $8.99 each.

And here are the products that I received and my opinion on each one...

For added interaction, activate the MagicChat™ feature in the playroom, and hear Miss Norah and other MagicPoint™ characters (sold separately) chat and sing with each other. Miss Nora also responds to other MagicPoint™ locations on Go! Go! Smart Friends™ accessories and playsets (each sold separately).

Simply place Miss Norah on one of the MagicPoint locations to experience her friendly personality, motion, lights and more. Put Miss Norah in the elevator and watch as it magically moves up and down.

Activate the MagicChat feature in the playroom, and hear Miss Norah and other MagicPoint characters (sold separately) chat and sing with each other.

 Develop fine motor skills while exploring Miss Norah’s home and playing with the rocking swing, light-up fire place and flushing toilet.

Miss Norah also responds to other MagicPoint locations on Go! Go! Smart Friends accessories and playsets (each sold separately).

Ages 1-5, $44.99

In my opinion:

The Discovery Home was the perfect addition to our toy collection.  My son who is now four loved it. He especially loved the variety of songs and melodies. There were about 40. However, we we didn't discover all of them yet. So, your children will have fun for hours discovering the different sounds. Some of the songs even taught children to be nice.

Another feature I really liked were the educational moments. Children can learn letters, fine motor skills and of course pretend play which I'm a huge fan of. My son loves talking to himself so the home was the perfect toy for him to play with. 

I also loved Miss Nora and the dog. It would be cool to get the toy personalized. But, I'm sure that would be very difficult to create. It was only a suggestion. Overall, the home was a good size for a three story house. I also felt that it was educational, fun and parent friendly.

Explore the Go! Go! Smart Friends Spin-Around Sounds Carnival with Austin. The carnival features five MagicPoint locations and five play pieces that can be used together to encourage creative play.

Simply place Austin on one of the MagicPoint locations to experience his friendly personality, motion, lights, songs and more while developing fine motor skills. Kids can press down on the carousel canopy or place Austin on the carousel horse to make it spin. Turn the airplane ride to make the plane move.

Austin also responds to other MagicPoint locations on Go! Go! Smart Friends accessories and playsets (each sold separately).

Ages 1-5, $29.99

In my opinion:

The carnival goes well with the home because you can pretend that a carnival came to town down the street.  It included five different spots for you to put your characters in such as the magician stage, airplane ride, carousel, flipping balloon game and an ice-cream cart. It also included a character named Austin who is happy and excited about everything.

VTech toys are very educational. I feel that each toy they make included teaching moments as well as songs for the child to learn. The carnival included 30 songs and melodies as well as teaching letters, cause & effect, pretend play and fine motor skills. The sounds made me giggle as well as my son. I especially liked the carousel because it spun and lit up. I highly recommend the carnival by VTech.

Put Mr. Gavin in the driver's seat of the Go! Go! Smart Friends Learning Wheels School Bus and watch the toy bus magically light up and move on its own.

The school bus features three MagicPoint locations that encourage imaginative play and emphasize cause and effect relationships, as well as a stop sign that flips open and a door that opens and closes, enhancing role play and helping develop fine motor skills.

Mr. Gavin also responds to other MagicPoint locations on Go! Go! Smart Friends accessories and playsets (each sold separately).

Ages 1-5, $19.99

In my opinion:

The bus would go really well with the carnival and house because then the characters can be picked up by Mr. Gavin and dropped off at the carnival. Now, there needs to be a school. I think a school should be added to the Go Go Smart Friends collection.

The stop sign was hard to push back but the best part was when the bus actually went forward on its own. It made bus rides look extremely fun so it would be perfect if you wanted to teach your children about riding the bus. 

The bus included 20 songs and melodies and taught the same principles as the carnival and house.

Put Jackson in the Go! Go! Smart Friends Cruise & Go Convertible’s MagicPoint location to watch the toy car light up and magically move on its own. Kids will also hear fun phrases, songs and sound effects.

The convertible even comes with a gas pump accessory that can connect to other Go! Go! Smart Friends accessories (each sold separately). 

The Cruise & Go Convertible is also available with Kaylee in a pink vehicle.

Ages 1-5, $12.99 each

In my opinion:
 The convertible was also fun because the wheels turned and the lights came on. There was definitely some pretend play going on as Eli played with Jackson. I wish that the gas station had more to it and the car had a door to open. But, it did have a variety of sounds. Jackson wants to be a racer someday so he is imaginative and active.

I really liked how the characters could be placed in the home, carnival and bus. I also liked learning about their personalities. I definitely recommend VTech Go Go Smart Friends and would be the perfect addition to your Christmas toy shopping.

Be sure to check out these websites:
Toys“R”Us website- http://bit.ly/YSuKXO
VTech website- http://bit.ly/tHKlfD   
VTech Twitter- http://bit.ly/Q7J7vM
VTech Facebook- http://on.fb.me/iIPfUE
Disclosure: I was provided with a sample to review by VTech.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



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