40th Birthday Book Basket & FREE Printables

Happy 40th Birthday Tiffany!

Since I've learned how to create some adorable labels, file folders, tags, etc, Cassie and I decided to put together a fun "Book" themed basket for Tiffany's 40th birthday.

Here's the "HOW TO."

First: Plan ahead. Who is having a 40th birthday or one of the milestone birthdays? Or, who is having a birthday? You can put together a fun basket for anyone and they will love it.

Second: Who? What do they love the most? In our case, Tiffany loves to read and has been a wonderful attributer to writing reviews for Sweetly Made (Just for you).

Third: Gather sisters, sister n laws, mother, mother n law, etc to see if they want to pitch in some money. That way, you can add a bunch of fun things to the basket on a low budget cost for everyone. My mom created a Happy 40th birthday book from Shutterfly and everyone else contributed money (2 sister n laws, Cassie and I).

Fourth: Create the basket. So, this was too easy for us to put together and surprise her. We knew what we needed to get and we went to work.

Fifth: Create some cute tags on picmonkey.com. Most of the site is free so it is totally worth your time and effort. I use it all the time and have loved it. I only wish they had more fonts. Or, you could print out our FREE printables below. We make it easier for YOU!

We gathered the following items to place in her amazing basket:

1-Pens-"You're all "write" at 40!"

2-Gummy worms-"I am a box of bookworms to eat as you read today."

3-Why I don't hide my freckles anymore by Lanae Valentine and Lisa Tensmeyer Hansen- "You don't have to hide behind your age, you look amazing."

4-Hope journal-"There's hope...at least you're not as old as you will be next year."

5-Habits of Happiness by Wendy Ulrich-"Be happy, it's your birthday!"

6-Four books-"39+1 Hope it all adds up to a great day. {added gifts}"

7-Gift card-"Our gift to you is $40. Enjoy!"

8-Scarf-"40 & Fabulous!"

9-Shutterfly Book Titled "40 Years of Celebrations" by mom -"The more that you READ the more things that you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more places you'll GO!"-Dr. Seuss

Here is the complete look of the basket. Fun eh? Don't you wish you received a fun basket or gave one to someone you love? It was more fun to give it to Tiffany than to receive it. I guess that is one of the reasons why my love language is Gifts. I love receiving and giving gifts.

All we had to do was print out the tags and tie them or attach with tape to the object. So easy!

There were actually two baskets...a colorful pink one and the gray one that held the pink box as well as the four additional books as {added gifts}.

And just because I love sharing my printables with you. Here are the FREE Printables. Go {HERE} and print. Thanks and have a wonderful day. Be sure to leave a comment to wish Tiffany a Happy Birthday! 

We also created some cute bookmarks to place in some of the books we gave Tiffany. Every sister/brother came up with a list of "10 reasons why we love you." There were four of us so Tiffany received 40 reasons why we all love her.

Overall, it was a fun way to show Tiffany that we love her and were thinking of her as she turned 40. You can also create your own baskets. Be creative and think outside the box. Good luck!


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