St. Patrick's Day Advent Calendar + FREE Printables

I absolutely love advent calendars and since I have the perfect display from Deseret Book's Zion Mercantile, I can use it for EVERY SINGLE holiday.

St. Patrick's Day is coming up so I thought I would get in the spirit of St. Patty and countdown till the 17th of March. So fun! Just don't tell my English husband. I am limited to the amount of green decorations I can put out. However, I celebrated the fabulous holiday growing up so I want to share it with my children. Plus, my dad served an LDS mission in Ireland so it is special to me.

So, I came up with some easy St. Patrick's Day printables. Now, if you don't have the fabulous advent calendar from Zion's Mercantile, don't worry. Use these printables on white paper bags or containers or whatever you have lying around the house. Another idea is to use a muffin tin. Insert candy or whatever fits into each hole, then attach the tags with tape to the top of each hole.

I'm sure you could come up with something spectacular. After all, they are FREE to the public so take advantage.

Next, purchase some tiny toys, gold coins,  skittles, treasures, or gold Rollos. Put one in each bag or box. Take turns opening each box and countdown till March 17th. Then reward your children with an extra goody bag on St. Patrick's Day. In my case, I bought a game called Lucky Sight Words from Scholastic. But, I'm sure you could find something fun in Target's dollar section or any discount store. You could also come up with a scavenger hunt for them to find each prize. That way, if you have sneaky children like my son who thinks he can open every single box at a time...then they won't be able to do that. They will be tricked!!!

I also added some other fun tags just in case you want to go the extra mile.

And who doesn't love blank tags to put between the number tags.

Find all of four of the FREE printables {HERE}.


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