Kits to Help Bust Your Stash (or Learn Something New) Review & Giveaway

Do you love to knit but are overwhelmed by the amount of yarn you have in your stash? Well, I have a few fun kits to share with all of you who love to craft and would love to learn how to crochet.

Apparently, a lot of crafters have sworn off of buying new yarn. Why would someone on a "yarn diet" want to buy a kit that includes…more yarn?

Well, because granny squares and pompoms are the perfect way to not just explore your craft, but delve deep into your stash! Liberate your creativity with our inspiring kits.
Plus, Sweetly Made (Just for you) will have FOUR WINNERS. One kit per winner and you can only win once. So, you must enter to win... 


Make Pompom Animals and Make Pompom Fun Shapes have step-by-step, 16-page booklets complete with illustrated instructions for learning basic pompom construction, then taking it to the next creative level!
Make Pompom Animals Kit

Make Pompom Animals kit comes with lightweight acrylic yarn in 6 different colors-30 yards each, plastic pompom makers in 2 sizes, 2 pairs of googly eyes and 2 colored paper clips ( to make legs). Make birds, butterflies, ladybugs and hedgehogs to your heart's content.
In my opinion:
This kit was a lot of fun to dive into. First, it comes with all of the necessary items to make birds, butterflys, ladybugs and hedgehogs. But, don't let that stop you from creating other animals. I'm sure you could make some wacky animals just for your kids to play with. I made my son the blue bird that is on the front cover. I wasn't very creative because I wanted to get used to the materials first.
Here is a photo of the bird I made. I used felt for the beak.

 He was so excited to play with my little bird when I was done.

 Okay, so the pros of the kit are these...I loved how small the kit was and everything fit so nicely inside. The kit also included six different colors which were the perfect amount to experiment with. Then, one can use their own left over yarn to create other animals. I also loved that there was an instruction manual. In the past, I've made pompoms out of cardboard and they never quite looked round. However, the pompom maker was easy to use and it was fun to create round balls. 
So, there were a few ideas I would suggest for the makers of the kit. I probably would make the box a tad bigger so it wasn't so hard to get the instruction manual out. I also would expand the instruction manual or at least have ten different animals to make. It also showed an extra part that wasn't supplied within the kit. However, there is a video that you MUST watch and it will explain how to make a pompom animal. It is found {HERE}. Once you watch the video, you will become an experienced pom pom maker. I'm sure of it unless you are not a visual learner. In that case, listen to the video.
Make Pompom fun shapes kit
To MakePompom Fun Shapes kit comes with yarn, plastic pompom makers in 2 sizes, and all of the information you need to make fruit, dolls and ornaments.
In my opinion:
This was the second kit I started playing around with. And, once I watched the video, it made sense. I think the kit should include a DVD and a longer instruction manual but that is just me. I always want more. Or, there could be an additional book to make pom pom creatures, animals, shapes, etc etc. Just an idea! I loved that the kit came with so many things including yarn, two different pom pom maker sizes and the manual. It is the perfect gift for a friend, neighbor, family member, teacher, etc etc especially if they love making crafts.
I decided to make the hamburger. Now, maybe I missed something but my hamburger looked way bigger than the one pictured. However, it still turned out pretty good and my son loved playing with it. I think there is room to experiment and come up with your own inventions. I know I'll be downsizing the number of yarn wrappings the next time I try and make a hamburger. I also want to make some of the apples pictured in the manual. They look fun to play with as well as the Matryoshka dolls. So cute! I highly recommend this kit to anyone who has an imagination and loves to create new items from yarn. So fun!

He also loved all of the extra yarn bits from my first attempt.

The Granny Squares: One Square at a time-Amulet Bag and Scarf

The Granny Squares, One Square At A Time: Amulet Bag kit and Granny Squares, One Square At A Time: Scarf kit also include step-by-step, 16-page booklets complete with illustrated instructions that make it easy and fun to learn basic granny square methods, explore either an amulet bag or a scarf. They come with 4 colors of yearn, a crochet hook and a yarn needle for finishing your work.

Use your stash to create birds and butterflies, bags or scarves. Simply choose the kit that's right for you, or delve into all four!
In my opinion:
I was so excited to also receive these two kits to create an amulet bag and scarf out of yarn. I love yarn and I'm the type of person that has a ton of it (just in case). So my first reaction was that I loved the colors of yarn in each of these kits. They were bright and cheerful. Who wouldn't want to dive right in? These kits also make the best gifts for your friends, family members, neighbors or whomever loves to crochet or wants to learn how to crochet.
I'm a beginner when it comes to crochet. I normally knit and am quite experienced at it. However, I've always wanted to learn the basics of crochet. These kits come with instruction manuals too which includes the basics (with pictures) as well as additional ways to create squares. So fun! My favorites were the classic granny square, petite flower and the ferris wheel. The amulet bag is a very basic pattern which says to choose two of the granny squares to crochet and put them together. There are instructions for the rope strap or a crocheted strap. This can also be the perfect gift for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, etc. The kit comes with everything you will need to make the bag or scarf. And, you could even bring everything with you in the car or plane.
The scarf kit had additional patterns which I was excited about. I loved the Adrienne, Lilyan's lace and the Whirlpool designs. And all you do is make about 10 of the squares and then use a weave seam method to put them together. I assume this project would take about an hour to do and you end up with a beautiful scarf to show off to your friends or give to your best friend. Again, brilliant idea for coming up with a fun kit to create a scarf. I highly recommend all of these kits. They are fun, adorable and would make anyone happy to receive one.
Are you ready to be one of four winners?
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Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.   


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