Christmas Stocking Patterns Vol. 1

As Christmas in July is coming to a close next week, I wanted to share some pretty exciting news!  

I wrote a short Christmas Stocking Patterns book with 10 new designs for one to knit. I absolutely love to knit so this was the perfect project for me and only me. 

I decided to choose a family that had a lot of kids. I asked for their names and favorite Christmas characters. I took their suggestions and designed a stocking for each person. I wanted to go through a publishing company but was denied so I went through a graphic designer to put it all together. I chose Vivi from all-in-art-design and she was the perfect fit for me. She put up with my demands and was very easy to work with.

Now, my next step is to find a printing company that is fairly cheap to print a few books for me to sell. 

So, here it Christmas Stocking Patterns Vol. 1- 10 designs to knit book. Wahoo!!!


Christmas Stocking Pattern Vol. 1 is a 21 page downloadable e-Book with 10 different Christmas stocking designs to knit. It includes four different basic instructions and a color chart for each pattern as well as an alphabet number graph and abbreviations. 

Skill level: Beginner (Letter to Santa), Intermediate (all the rest) and Advanced (Christmas Vacation).

The e-Book includes the following patterns:
Advent Calendar, Christmas Vacation, Letter to Santa, Jack in the box, Penguins, Polar Bears, Santa, Santa Claus 2, Stars & Snowflakes and Trains.

This is my first pattern book and was designed with a family in mind. Eight of the stockings were "sweetly made" just for them. Each child gave me a suggestion such as "Polar Bears" and I created the design. I have already started Vol. 2 but it won't be out till 2016.
You can find this knitting pattern book in my Etsy shop so be sure to check it out.

Also, one last announcement is I have 16 spots left for Christmas stockings this year so be sure to sign up before it is too late. Thanks in advance.

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