Og: Book One of Conquest of Canaan by Brittany Shannon


Og is an imaginative fiction that combines adventure, romance, and spiritual confliction in a contemporary retelling of biblical events. Led by the famous military genius—Joshua—the Israelites embark on the barbaric conquest of Canaan, including the pivotal abolition of Og, King of Bashan.

Abandoned by her mother, and orphaned by her father, Kaya Lucan is as impartial to existence as her hometown is to politics. A haunting past and a semi-boring life of indulging in wine, caring for animals, and tolerating her (only) two friends—Travin Shelomo and Rebby Daan—characterize the witty misanthrope. But when their pompously neutral village, Avoca, is destroyed by diseased rebels, all of its inhabitants must flee.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Psychological warfare has consumed the spine of Canaan. Rogue rebels run rampant. The disease kills what the sword does not. It’s not that bad if you’re, say, Joshua—chosen general of God’s elite army. When the Israelites recruit able-bodied men and women, and with the threat of extermination lingering, Kaya recklessly enlists. Although Travin and Rebby enthusiastically join ranks with Joshua’s brigade, and excel in their new profession, violence and religion require a fierce personality adjustment for her.

The daunting crusade of growing up parallels the intensity of battle. A charismatic Rebby, a gentle-hearted Travin, and a self-destructive Kaya unearth the complexity of tactical brilliance, faith, and survival.

About the author:
Brittany is a professional cosmetologist and volunteer for the Addiction Recovery Program, which she also travels for locally to give presentations on recovering from addiction. She works for a local publishing company evaluating manuscripts and hopes to refine her editing skills. She is married with two children and enjoys entertaining as well as being entertained. Writing is a passion of hers, and so is music. She hopes to one day complete a film score.

In Emilee's opinion:

To me a book is much more than words. It tells a story written by creative hands and a brilliant mind. When I find a book that is gripping and extraordinary I get excited and have to tell the entire world. Og: Book One of Conquest of Canaan by Brittany Shannon was remarkable and I couldn't put it down. However, I have three small children and a small knitting business so it took me awhile to finish. But, I knew Og was a keeper and I had to find out what happened next in the book. So, here I am sharing my opinion about Og and how important it is for YOU to get your hands on it. Here are some reasons to convince you to run and buy it.

{And you really don't have to leave your home, you can do what I did and order a copy of the ebook from Amazon. The best part is it magically appears within seconds in your email account. Then you can read it right away. AMAZING!}

1-It was an original and unique historical fiction novel which I'm never drawn to because I like a simple romantic novel. However, this book was based in the biblical times of Joshua. So, if you are drawn to Joshua from the Bible and want to learn more about his character, you will get a little taste of what it would have been like to be fighting on the same team.

2-The characters were real and true. Kaya Lucan is as real as it gets and luckily Brittany stood ground and kept her character in the story.  I heard through the grapevine that she was told to cut Kaya out. Yikes. I can't imagine Og without Kaya Lucan. Some may think she has a dark side but to me she felt real, one I can relate to. We don't have the same religious beliefs and I definitely don't have a wine addiction but somehow I felt connected to Kaya like no other character I've come across. Weird! Her best friend, Travin understood Kaya's thoughts and feelings. He was the kind of guy you want around. He was trustworthy, faithful and supportive. Of course, I would love for them to get together but you learn that Kaya is hesitant with commitments even with a marriage proposal and love interest. I'm not a huge fan of Travin's girlfriend, Bronwynn but you sort of feel sorry for her in a way. I don't relate to her. She is probably a nice person but her character fits in the "girl next door" who gets everything she wants. Or, that is how I see it. So, I'm more like Kaya. Sure I'm not always positive but I live in reality. Bad things do happen to good people and life doesn't turn out the way you think. But, she makes the best of it. Overall, I thought Shannon did a spectacular job introducing characters. I tend to only like a few characters in a book but for a trilogy it is important to have multiple characters. Did I mention how excited I am to read Book Two?

3-Absolute page turner- As I said above my time is limited. I balance my life the best I know how. However, if I were single and had no children I would have read Og in a day or two. It was that good! I would lock myself in the bathroom just so I could get more chapters in. It definitely is a page turner especially the last few chapters. I believe it ended the way I wanted it to but it didn't leave me hanging. Since Brittany is such a brilliant writer, I don't think it matters because I still want to read Book Two to get a glimpse of Kaya's life.

4-Brittany Shannon is now one of my favorite authors. It was very clear that she was supposed to write. She has accurate detailed descriptions. Her writing was very clever and exciting. She knew how to win her audience. I'm so glad she wrote Og and shared her talent of writing an outstanding book. I'm pretty sure I'll re-read Og more than once.

5-It was fast paced and seemed to run smoothly.

Overall, I was very pleased with Brittany Shannon's style of writing and can't wait for Book Two to come out. I do wish there was a map and a list of all of the characters so I could refer to it while I'm reading. That is my only recommendation. I highly recommend that you check out Og for it was a delight to read.

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