General Conference Study Schedule-Week 1: Gathering the Family of Godby President Henry B. Eyring

Each week I'll go over what I've learned from one of the April 2017 General Conference talks. I'll provide you with teaching helps as you embark on your own General Conference study to Live It. Be sure to check out all of the talks found HERE. And print out my 25 Week Study Schedule.

This week I focused on President Henry B. Eyring's talk called, Gathering the Family of God. He was the first speaker on Saturday and I love hearing him. As I read his talk I felt that Eyring spoke with kindness and love. He said, "I rejoice at the opportunity to be with you at the beginning of this session of general conference. I welcome you most warmly."

Questions to ask yourself as you study Eyring's talk:

1: What can I learn from his talk?

2: How can I apply it to my life and make a change?

3: What is one goal I can make this week to gather the family of God?

There were two areas that he focused his talk on:

1: General Conference

Where did you watch General Conference? "The Lord has provided ways for the blessings of general conference to reach out to you no matter where you are."

Who were you with while you watched? "May of you are gathered with your families; some may be gathered with friends or fellow Church members."

Although I didn't get much out of General Conference I was at home with my family and that meant more to me than anything. Because I knew that I could reread each talk and gain so much more out of my study time. However, I will always sit down and watch each session because I have grown to love General Conference. When I was young, we only watched on Sunday and we had to dress up. We at crumb cake and had some crayons and paper. That was it! Now, I provide activities that my kids can participate in such as the Conference bags. I put each of the pictures of each twelve apostle as well as the presidency on brown paper bags. Then I put items that correlate to each person inside each bag. When one gives a talk my kids can open the bag. It actually is fun for me too because there are treats galore.
Quote #1

2: Gathering of the family of God

Key points:

  • We lived with Heavenly Father as His spirit children.

  • The names brother and sister are an expression of an eternal truth: God is the literal Father of all mankind; we are each part of His eternal family. Because He loves us with the love of a perfect Father, He wants us to progress and advance and become like Him.

  • Out task in that plan is to accept the Savior's sacrifice by obeying the laws and ordinances of the gospel.

  • Each of us was given the "Light of Christ," to help us distinguish between good and evil.

  • Innate in almost every parent is the desire to teach his or her children moral virtues.

  • Families are also the best way to preserve and pass on moral virtues and true principles that are most likely to lead us back to God's presence.

  • God's plan is loving and just. Our Heavenly Father is anxious to gather and bless all of His family. While He knows that not all of them will choose to be gathered, His plan gives each of His children the opportunity to accept or reject His invitation. And families are at the heart of this plan.

  • Importance of family history. "The affection you feel for your ancestors is part of the fulfillment of that prophecy. It is deeply seated in your sense of who you are. But it has to do with more than just inherited DNA.

-What are some similarities you share with your relatives? Get to know them. "You may discover that a distant relative shares some of your facial features or your interest in books or your talent for singing."

-"To gather and unite God's family requires more than just warm feelings. It requires sacred covenants made in connection with priesthood ordinances."

Share Eyring's personal story ("I know this is true from experience...") in your own words. This story can be found on page 4 if you print it.

I loved this quote:

"We do not know what marvels God will inspire people to create to help in His work of gathering His family. But whatever marvelous inventions may come, their use will require the Spirit working in people like you and me. This should not surprise us. After all, these are beloved sons and daughters of God. He will send whatever inspiration is needed to give them the opportunity to return to Him."

We don't know what will happen in the future but we need to be ready at all times and have the spirit with us. Eyring also tells us that the number of young people attending the temple has increased. Wow! What are the promised temple blessings for the youth? I've created a card for the youth of the blessings they can receive as they do temple work. I thought it would be fun for them to display the card on their mirror or by their bedside. The "youth have caught the vision admirably; now their parents need to catch up." Eyring continues by saying, "The work of gathering Heavenly Father's family is not just for young people, and it is not just for grandparents. It is for everyone. We are all gatherers."

I love how each apostle ends their talk with their testimony. They also give us a promise. How precious it is to read their love of the gospel.


I testify that God the Father wants His children home again, in families and in glory. The Savior lives. He directs and blesses this work, and He watches over and guides us. He thanks you for your faithful service in gathering His Father’s family.


I promise you the inspired help that you seek and need.

For Kids:

  • Memorize Scripture Challenge card. I loved seminary and loved memorizing scriptures.

  • Practice calling your church teachers Brother & Sister.

  • Visit the temple grounds.

  • Learn about your grandparents and great grandparents-what are your similarities?

For Youth:

  • Do all of the items in the "For Kids" section.

  • Get a limited-use temple recommend and use it-My nephew made a goal to visit all of the Utah temples.

  • What are the temple blessings? Display the card above on your mirror or in your bedroom to remind of the wonderful blessings of temple work.

  • Catch the vision-Hang a picture of yourself in front of a temple in your bedroom to remind you to attend regularly.

  • Get your patriarchal blessing and read it regularly.

For Adults:

  • Ask yourself how can I be a gatherer?

  • Do family history once a week/month.

  • Attend the temple each week/month or make sure you have your temple recommend.

  • Learn from the youth.

  • Read about your ancestors and find similarities.

  • Display the quote above on your refrigerator.

All of the FREE printables can be found HERE.

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