General Conference Study Schedule Week 2: His Daily Guiding Hand by M.Joseph Brough

This week, I focused on a talk called, His Daily Guiding Hand by M. Joseph Brough. From his talk, I created a lot of fun activities you can do including a personal care package for adults, kids and youth, Book of Mormon hero quotes and apostle quotes. I've created several FREE PRINTABLES that you can use for lessons, FHE, teaching moments, etc etc. I went a little out of control but there were so many ideas that I had to share with all of you. So, I hope you enjoy my take on M. Joseph Brough's conference talk.
{All of the FREE PRINTABLES can be found HERE}


Heavenly Father knows what you and I need better than anyone else.

In the beginning he shares a story about how grandparents are Heavenly Father's most beloved tools. Wow! If you are a grandparent, I hope you know how important your role is with taking care of your kids and grand children.

Story #1: 
My father’s mother was such a woman. On an occasion that took place when I was too young to remember, my father was disciplining me. Observing this correction, my grandmother said, “Monte, I believe you are correcting him too harshly.”

My father replied, “Mother, I will correct my children as I want.”

And my wise grandmother softly stated, “And so will I.”

I’m pretty sure my father heard the wise guidance of his mother that day.

In the chorus of I Am a Child of God it says, "Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way." That is divine directon to parents.

Quote #1: President Dieter F. Uchtdorf explained: “Our Father in Heaven knows His children’s needs better than anyone else. It is His work and glory to help us at every turn, giving us marvelous temporal and spiritual resources to help us on our path to return to Him.”

Heavenly Father knows what you and I need better than anyone else. Who can help us along the way?

Personal Care Package Option #1

{Check out the FREE PRINTABLE for the Trifold Brochure that you can pass out to your RS sisters}

What are the Components of the Personal Care Package?

Personal Care Package Option #2

{Create a Personal Care package to hand out to one of your VT sisters}


1: Go HERE to print the card above.

2: Purchase the following items: Picture of Christ, blanket or tissues, mints, pocket scriptures or colored pencil, rock, Apostle quotes HERE, a love wood plaque or anything heart shaped, a white box/bag and tissue paper.

3: Attach the Personal Card Package card to the inside of the box.

4: Add all of the items to the box. You can add tissue paper underneath the items if you'd like or you could wrap each item.

5: Choose someone to give the personal care package to. You could also print M. Joseph Brough's talk HERE.

Personal Care Package Option #3

Create a care package for your family as part of the FHE lesson below...

Story #2: 
Around my 14th birthday, I learned about some of these blessings. I noticed different behavior on the part of my parents. Considering what I observed, I asked, “Are we going on a mission?” The shock on my mother’s face confirmed my suspicion. Later, in a family council, my siblings and I learned that our parents had been called to preside over a mission.

We lived on a beautiful ranch in Wyoming. From my perspective, life was perfect. I could come home from school, complete my chores, and be off hunting, fishing, or exploring with my dog.

Shortly after learning of the calling, I realized that I would have to give up my dog, Blue. I confronted my father, asking what I should do with Blue. I wanted to emphasize the unfairness of what God was requiring. I will never forget this response. He said, “I’m not sure. He probably cannot go with us, so you had better ask Heavenly Father.” That was not the response I had anticipated.

I began reading the Book of Mormon. I earnestly prayed to know if I had to give my dog away. My answer did not come in a moment; rather, a specific thought kept penetrating my mind: “Don’t be a burden to your parents. Don’t be a burden. I have called your parents.”

I knew what Heavenly Father required. That knowledge did not reduce the pain of giving my dog away. However, through that small sacrifice, my heart softened and I found peace in seeking Heavenly Father’s will.

What component was represented in Story #2? 

What can we learn from the story he shared?

Heavenly Father has many resources that will help us become part of Heavenly Father's care package for others. Youth are blessed when they have parents and leaders who act for Heavenly Father in leading, guiding, and walking beside them.

What are the principles?

1: Be with the youth: Devoted time is an expression of love that allows us to teach by word and example.

President Henry B. Eyring emphasized this point: “There are some things we can do that could matter most. Even more powerful than using words in our teaching the doctrine will be our examples of living the doctrine.”

2: To truly guide youth: The time always comes when each must stand alone.

3: We must let youth lead: Letting youth lead requires patience and love.

Story #3:

At one such time, I sought Heavenly Father’s counsel through constant and heartfelt prayer for more than a year to find the solution to a difficult situation. I knew logically that Heavenly Father answers all sincere prayers. Yet I reached such desperation one day that I attended the temple with one question: “Heavenly Father, do You really care?”

I was sitting near the back of the Logan Utah Temple waiting room when, to my surprise, entering the room that day was the temple president, Vaughn J. Featherstone, a close family friend. He stood at the front of the congregation and welcomed all of us. When he noticed me among the temple patrons, he stopped speaking, looked me in the eyes, and then said, “Brother Brough, it is good to see you in the temple today.”

I will never forget the feeling of that simple moment. It was as if—in that greeting—Heavenly Father was stretching forth His hand and saying, “Here am I.”


I testify that Heavenly Father does lead us, guide us, and walk beside us. As we follow His Son and give heed to His servants, the apostles and prophets, we will find the way to eternal life.

{Here are additional activities for kids/youth/adults}

Activity: Book of Mormon hero quotes were also used in M. Joseph Brough's talk. Ask your kids if they can guess who said which quote. This activity was also used in the FHE lesson above.

Cards: Pass out notes (Kids/Youth/Adult) and encourage each person to complete one or more of the tasks. See "Free Printables."


Quotes: Memorize or hang up these quotes by the apostles

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