9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown: Week 1: Learn, Listen, Liveit Tin Cans

If you know me well, I love countdowns, lists and preparing myself for events. So, the 2017 LDS General Conference is coming up in only nine weeks. Wahoo! So, to get everyone prepared, I thought I would post a fun activity either from our book or a new activity meant specifically for General Conference. If you haven't heard, my sisters and I wrote a book titled, Growing up with Conference. It is a book filled with General Conference ideas to help families learn, listen and live it. It is fantastic and I think everyone should have a copy. It is an ebook for now so if we get enough people to buy it, it will be made into a printed copy and that has been our goal for a long time.

So, if you can help, check it out on Amazon and Books & Things. I mean, look how adorable the cover is... and it is only $3.99. WOW!


Make General Conference fun year-round!

From the creators of the Sweetly Made (Just For You) website comes a new book filled with fun and creative ways to get your family excited for General Conference, including crafts, recipes, FHE lessons, and more!

With this book you will get:
- Easy to follow DIY crafts
- Full-color photographs
- Memorable FHE lessons to use before and after general conference
- Gospel tools to motivate families
- Scripture references and quotes
- Easy, affordable recipes
- Link to FREE printables
- Dozens of tips to prepare for conference

WEEK 1: Learn, Listen, Live it Tin Cans

For the first week of our Countdown to General Conference, I thought I would share a fun activity that has the entire theme of our book included. It is called, Learn, Listen, Live it Tin Cans.

Teach your family ways to learn, listen, and live the gospel with adorable tin cans.


  • 3 tin cans

  • scrapbook paper

  • scissors

  • double stick tape

  • Mod Podge

  • 3 chalkboard labels

  • chalk


  1. Peel off labels from each tin.

  2. Use your scissors to cut out pieces of scapbook paper. Wrap paper around each tin and attach with double stick tape.

  3. Use lite Mod Podge to adhere them. If you use too much, the paper will get soggy and tear.

  4. Attach one chalkboard label to each tin.

  5. Write the words Learn, Listen, and Live on three separate tins.

  6. Gather supplies found below to each tin and see ideas below on how to use the tins for a family home evening lesson.


Scriptures: As we read each day, we can grow closer to God and be able to live righteously.

Temple: Temples make it possible for families to be together forever.

Prayer rock:  The rock reminds us to pray morning and night to feel closer to Heavenly Father.

Light bulb: As we study the conference talks, we will learn, through the spirit, the truthfulness of the word of God.

Cloth: The cloth represents the Holy Ghost, also known as a comforter. By listening to the Holy Ghost, we will be protected throughout our life.


Tie: God speaks to us through prophets and apostles.

Snacks: It’s fun to eat treats as we reverently listen to the speakers.

Crayons: We can listen to general conference, while writing in our journals and coloring in our conference activity pages.

Music notes: Listen to the beautiful music that brings the spirit into our homes.

Prophet: A prophet leads us today and we will be blessed as we listen and follow him.


CTR ring: The ring is a symbol to choose the right.

Christ: Each Sunday as we partake of the Sacrament, we promise to always remember Him and keep His commandments.

Quote from conference: Read the conference talks in the Ensign or Liahona to act upon the counsel we were given.

Toothbrush: Just as our dentist reminds us to floss and brush our teeth every day, we must also live the gospel of Jesus Christ daily by reading our scriptures and praying.

Block: We must stand strong like this block to have a firm foundation of the gospel.

In our book, Growing up with Conference, there is also an FHE lesson to go along with the Learn, Listen and Live it tins.

And be sure to check out the blog (August 9th) for WEEK 2: Balloon Countdown

{I'll post on Wednesdays so be sure to check back for more fun ideas for General Conference}

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