9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown Week 9: Live it Challenge

This is the last week of our "9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown." Today, I'm going to share a FREE Printable called, Live it Challenge.

This is a fun challenge that we came up with for anyone who wants use what they learned from the speaker and apply it to their life. I love this challenge.


Take the “Live it” challenge and do what our prophet and apostles have encouraged us to do. As you listen to or read a general conference talk, write down the topic, challenge and specific things you will do to live it.

Find our FREE printable HERE.

Below are examples of taking the “Live it” challenge from the most recent 2014 General Conference:

Example 1:

Talk: Elder Holland

Topic: Service

Challenge: Help the poor and needy

What I will do to Live It: Double our fast offerings each month; pray daily with our family for opportunities to help someone in need.

Example 2:

Talk: President Monson

Topic: Missionary work

Challenge: Missionary work is a Priesthood duty

What I will do to live it: Teach my teenage son to prepare for his missionary duty by studying “Preach my Gospel” as a family.

Example 3:

Talk by: Cheryl Esplin

Topic: Sacrament

Challenge: Understand the significance of the Sacrament

What I will do to live it: Teach my kids of the significance through FHE.  Work on reverence during Sacrament with youngest kids.

Example 4:

Talk: Elder McCallister

Topic: Teaching children the gospel in home

Challenge: Teach your kids the power of prayer morning and night, teach them to use time wisely.

What I will do to live it:  Provide activities in home so kids don’t depend on technology for entertainment, teach FHE about prayer and follow up with kids morning and night.

Example 5:

Talk: Elder Anderson

Topic: Joseph Smith


1)      Find a scripture you know to be true

2)      Read the testimony of Joseph Smith and record in your own voice

3)      Share with others in family, Seminary, friends

What I will do to live it: Take this challenge myself and encourage teenagers in home to take challenge.

Thank you for checking out our 9 Weeks of General Conference Countdown ideas. This has been fun to expose a few ideas that are found in our new ebook, Growing up with Conference. If you like what you've seen, then be sure to order yours TODAY at AMAZON for only $3.99. Thank you in advance. Enjoy every minute of General Conference on September 30th through October 1st

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