General Conference Bags + Easter Eggs

Part of General Conference is on Easter this year so I wanted to make it extra special and more meaningful. Each year, I purchase 15 brown bags, attach an apostle's picture and add an item that represents that person (usually candy or a dollar tree item). This year, I wanted to switch things up and try something different. So, here are a few ideas for General Conference...

General Conference Apostle Easter Eggs

Last Sunday, my kids received an egg with candy inside and I though it was a brilliant idea. So, I used the eggs and candy they received from an Easter egg hunt. First, go HERE and print out the apostle's photos. Then, cut out each apostle's photo (13 this time but usually 15). Attach each photo to an egg, add candy or small toy and put in a bag or basket for each child. Explain to your children that they can only open the eggs if that apostle is speaking. My children are going to have their own eggs.

General Conference Totes

This year I decided to create tote bags for each of my kids so they would have their own activities for Saturday and Sunday. I created activities just for Saturday and more spiritual activities for the Sabbath. Here is what I gathered for Olivia...
General Conference: Saturday Session

Easter tote

I thought it would be fun to purchase some Easter type totes with each child's name. Check them out HERE.

I also have Halloween totes for the Fall which is also perfect for the October/November General Conference. My kids love bringing their totes to church so they have something to do during Sacrament meeting.

I added the following:

I Spy with my little eye book

Frozen magnetic game/activity

Paw Patrol activity book

Card games

Plus Plus Neon Mix Mini Tube

Some stores I shopped at included Deseret Book, Dollar Tree, Target Dollar Spot and Barron's Educational Books.

Sunday Session

I added the following:

Bunny crayons

Picture of President Thomas S. Monson (they were free from Deseret Book)

Carry along book


Conference coloring pages and Conference Fun papers found HERE

Washable markers

Here is what I'm adding to Eli's tote...

Sunday Session

I've included the following:

Articles of Faith Activity book

A is for Abinadi activity book

Gospel Flashcard Game

In the Beginning game

Colored Pencils

Articles of Faith flash cards


Conference Coloring and Conference Fun papers

And these are for his Saturday tote...

I've added the following...

Tootsie Roll (dollar tree)

Color Quest color by number (Barron's Educational Books)

Fast & Furious car


Colored pencils

Plus plus basic mix mini tube

These totes are fairly easy and can be inexpensive. You can add whatever you feel would benefit your child. I definitely like the more spiritual activities. You could even add activities you may have around the house and use any type of bag such as a backpack, sack lunch, etc. I'm also going to add some tents so they have their own place while General Conference is on. I hope that these ideas will help you and your family during General Conference. Please let me know how they turn out if you do try them. I love comments. Thanks and be sure to enjoy General Conference. Go HERE for more information about the LDS church.

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