"Puppy Star Christmas" Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

I'm excited to enter yet another contest to showcase the newest Air Bud's holiday movie, "Puppy Star Christmas." I received a wonderful package yesterday (yes i was too excited to keep it to myself) filled with various gifts to celebrate the November 20th Netflix and Digital HD debut of the film.

The box included the following...gingerbread house candies, an icing kit, Hape Chef Apron and Chef Hat Set (my favorite), a cozy plush snowman Warmies (Elizabeth's favorite), 1 hope bear from Extended Stay America (Eli's favorite although Olivia has secretly taken to sleep with), Air Bud's Light-up glass Christmas ornament, Air Bud Entertainment Puppy/Kitty Stocking, Puppy Star Christmas cocoa kit, Old Mother Hubbard Dog treats and Dogsters Ice Cream Style Treats Dog Toy AND One Free VIP coupon. Wowzers!

Well, i definitely felt spoiled by all of the wonderful gifts!

I couldn't contain my excitement so of course I had to share the entire box with my kids.

And this experience checked so many things off of our Christmas Bucket List. Watch a Christmas movie, check, decorate a Gingerbread House, check, hang a new ornament, check...

We were told to decorate a Gingerbread House in a way that best celebrates the "Puppy Star Christmas" movie. Well, first we HAD to watch the movie so we could get an idea on how to decorate. We FINALLY have Netflix so it was pretty easy to find in the search menu. If I didn't have Netflix, I did receive a personal screening link to view the film but I wanted the whole experience of watching on Netflix and it was a little easier. The movie was definitely filled with upbeat music and dancing. Oh yeah! I enjoyed the song that repeated the words, "Best Christmas Ever." I also appreciated the dancing dogs as well as deer. That certainly cracked me up. Here is the synopsis...


The Pup Star family just got bigger! And the new pups: Cindy, Rosie, Charlie and Brody will have to learn the true meaning of Christmas. When Pup Star's Mean Team scheme to ruin Christmas, the pups end up in the North Pole to save Santa and the holiday spirit. Their adventure is filled with new pup-tastic songs to spread holiday cheer all year round.

The film had a wonderful message of spending quality time with family as well as being grateful for what we have right in front of us. I'm sure "Puppy Star Christmas" will melt your heart and bring joy into your life.  And see if you can spot the Gingerbread House in the film...that was pretty fun.

Now, it was time to decorate a Gingerbread House. But, first we must check the candy to see if it tastes good! That was the perfect job for Olivia and Eli (not pictured).

Olivia is my sneaky one and candy is her Best Friend.

Next, we need to grab the cute Hape Chef Apron and Chef Hat Set...this was by far my favorite item because it was the perfect size for my little Olivia and she didn't want to take it off even to walk to the park...oh my cuteness!

Um...isn't she the cutest gourmet chef ever??? Well, I'm a little biased but any child in this adorable chef set would look darling.

Okay, now I think we are ready...next, make a plan ahead of time to include: color, icing curls, lots and lots of candies, Pup Star Christmas logo, candy cane hearts (just like the movie), a North Pole sign, more candies, more icing, laughter and fun.

Now we are talking...Olivia was the best little helper...she ate some candy...she placed some candy and ate more candy. I like things in order...you can call it OCD but I like to call it organized.

I loved the little "Puppy Star Christmas" sign and so it had to go on top to celebrate the new holiday NETFLIX movie.

And i always make sure there is a little road leading to the gingerbread house...and if you didn't notice, there are some green gummies and red jelly beans to look like holly.

Can you tell that I absolutely love decorating gingerbread houses? This little contest made my day.

The finished Gingerbread House...all ready to eat.

And there were lots and lots of giggles. So, be sure to have fun while you decorate with your little ones.

I think Eli's favorite part was putting up the Air Bud Light up-glass christmas ornament. It had an off/on switch which was fairly easy to operate and it lit up which was a plus.

And although Elizabeth had just gotten home from school, I had to include her so I presented her with the Gourmet Chef hat (when Olivia wasn't looking). It was a tiny bit big for her head but she looked at me and that meant the world to me AT THAT MOMENT. Cherish your moments!

Overall, this experience helped me spend more time with my kids as we were able to do many different activities together...watch "Puppy Star Christmas" (a new film now added to our Christmas movie list), decorate a gingerbread house, eat candies together (probably our favorite) and hang a new ornament on our tree which pretty much broke right away (Olivia accidentally dropped it). That was probably the saddest part about the experience...seeing tears streaming down her face. But, all is peaceful as we've added new memories to our Christmas year of 2018 thanks to the Air Bud Entertainment crew. Thank you! @airbud @airbudofficial #puppystarchristmas

Next, we will need to try the hot cocoa that was sent in the box. Isn't it adorable?

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