Good afternoon! I'm finally adding the rest of my Baptism Prep course that I created in 2017. Wow! I apologize to those who have incomplete packets. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about...please refer to #1 Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt found (HERE) to get you started. I created a Baptism prep course for you and your kiddo to complete in 13 months to prepare him/her for baptism. I'm pretty proud of it and it helped me as a mom prepare my son.

Here is Month 9: Continuous Revelation

Instructions (word)

Month 1: The First Article of Faith (The Godhead)

Month 2: The Second Article of Faith (The Fall of Adam & Eve)

Month 3: The Third Article of Faith (The Atonement of Jesus Christ)

Month 4: The Fourth Article of Faith (First Principles & Ordinances of the Gospel)

Month 5: The Fifth Article of Faith (How Are We Called of God?)

So without further ado....here is Article of Faith #9: Continuous Revelation

I know it says there are five pages but there is a bonus page so you can hang it on your fridge to remind you of the Article of Faith. I love seeing the Article of Faith every time I go into my kitchen. It is a great reminder of what we know to be true. Have fun!

Click on the following, download and print…

{I will post one month at a time so the next one will be Article of Faith #10}

There are thirteen Articles of Faith packets. Each packet should be completed on the first week of each month. Each Article of Faith includes the following:

  • Words

  • Write your words page

  • Treasure Hunt Race

  • The Article of Faith (Read three times)

  • Write out the Article of Faith page

  • The Article of Faith 8×11 page

Repeat the Article of Faith out loud (without looking) and return completed packet to parents on Friday for a prize (candy jar or small dollar store prize).

I hope that you enjoy doing this Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt with your child to prepare him/her for baptism. I know this was inspired to help my family and hope it will inspire your family as well.


Next: Tenth Article of Faith: Christ will reign over Gathered Israel


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