NEW ITEM: Chunky Knitted Christmas Stockings

Have you seen Meet the Robinsons??? I felt like Lewis when I decided to try and design a chunky knit stocking. I kept failing but remembered that Lewis didn’t give up and the Robinsons actually praised him for all his mistakes. I was definitely inspired by the movie and even though each stocking was a complete failure, I didn’t give up. It is all about persistence and determination. Never give up.

After 4 tries, I finally figured it out...the perfect chunky knit stocking made with ultra soft chenille yarn. You will want to snuggle with your stocking...ok maybe not but it is so so soft. These stockings are 5 1/2” x 19” and would look perfect in any home.

And the stockings were hung...

Behind the scenes...

These stockings are simple decoration items and can be used for Santa gifts too.

Crimson is probably my favorite color out of the mix.

The chunky stocking comes in five different colors.

I stand 100% behind all of my knitted Christmas stockings. I have many "Ready to ship" so be sure to grab some before they are gone.

These are now listed in my Etsy shop (link above) and are 30% off. What a deal!



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