Home Improvement: Kitchen China Cabinet

We finally finished our Kitchen China cabinet and table. We started the table and cabinet when covid started and finally finished it on Labor Day. It took 7 months to complete...let's just call it our "covid" project among all the other things we had going on (Summer Olympic Camp, 5 birthdays, created a library/schoolroom, Hopekids zoom meetings, Webex school, Dr. appointments, 12 days in Utah, etc).

I'm not a furniture painter...I'm not even a re-purpose DIY kind of lady but we wanted to transform our furniture to blue so we bought the paint and went to work. And that my friends is why it took 7 months. 

But, it is done and I'm so excited!!!!

Before: Kitchen Cabinet

After: Kitchen cabinet

Before: Kitchen Table

After: Kitchen Table

We even tried painting our chairs but that didn't work at all (not pictured because I'm too embarrassed). The chalk paint on the cusions felt too rough and I couldn't even sit on them. So, I ended up purchasing these white chairs from Target. Yes, I built all four. Yes, it took me awhile but after the first two I got the hang of it. I bought two more for our kids library/schoolroom.

If you are wondering...the paint we used was called Rust-oleum Chalked and the color we used was Coastal Blue. We also used smoked glaze and matte clear.

Overall, I think it turned out better than I imagined. Plus, I'm so glad it is finished. Our home is a little more colorful and it definitely blends with our teal, orange, and white home.

So, what are you re-purposing in your home? What projects do you want to complete? I would love to know what you are up to or if you had a "covid" project you completed.


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