Eve's Warriors & The Three Nephites by Curt and Alisha Burnett


In New York, a teenager receives a revelation that changes her life. She becomes an Eve's Warrior, a consort for an immortal being selected by Christ to roam the earth until His Second Coming. Through shared visions with him, she discovers how other inspired women through the centuries--from Mother Eve and Simona (a young Roman country girl) to Joan of Arc and Harriet Tubman--made amazing contributions toward the betterment of humankind in anticipation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Perfect for Twilight fans of faith and written by devout LDS Christians Curt Burnett and Alisha Burnett Worthington, Eve's Warriors & The Three Nephites is a page-turning religious fantasy and love story that showcases women of faith--spiritual superheroes--for a generation of women hungering for the Divine Feminine.

Father and daughter writing team, Curt and Alisha Burnett, recently released
their newest work – a novel entitled “Eve’s Warriors.” The new work is available as an e-book,audio book or print version at www.eveswarriors.com. Described by the a uthors as a Twilight- like love story, the plot focuses on a young, mortal woman falling in love with an ageless, immortal man – in this case one of the three Nephites from the Book of Mormon to whom Christ granted immortality.

“This book was written not only to tell an entertaining and uplifting love story, but more   to help women understand their strength and power as daughters of Eve, what I call their ‘Eve-ness’,” said co-author Curt Burnett. “As a daughter of Eve, every woman has the potential for greatness and plays an active role in the battle against Satan and his influence.” To promote the new book, the authors are providing the first chapter of the e-book at no charge. Proceeds from purchases of the whole book will be donated to research for the fight against glioblastoma – a rare brain cancer. Mr. Burnett’s wife passed away after a battle against glioblastoma in December 2019.

“Throughout the novel, readers will be introduced to women of faith from throughout history, including Joan of Arc, Florence Nightingale and Harriet Tubman,” said Alisha Burnett- Worthington, co-author of “Eve’s Warriors.” “Each of these incredible women attributed their great achievements to the being inspired by God, and I truly believe that every woman can receive that same inspiration.”

In my opinion:

Eve's Warriors & The Three Nephites was a fresh new take on inspirational women. I absolutely loved this historical fiction book because it was filled with heroes that are often overlooked.  The fun part was listening to narrator, Michael Flynn and then re-reading Eve's Warriors in a pdf format. I couldn't put it down. I couldn't get enough. The story was mainly about two young women who both received a remarkable vision. Their main calling was to become warriors for Eve to fight against Satan. Also, The Three Nephites (three immortals walking the earth as depicted in The Book of Mormon) were spoken of. As I listened/read it felt that I was transformed back in time to the various time periods. The authors had a way of bringing you into their fictional story and you didn't want to stop reading. I definitely recommend Eve's Warriors & The Three Nephites. It is meant for young adults but I enjoyed it.

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