Knitted Shawls: 25 Relaxing Wraps, Cowls and Shawls by Christine Boggis

Knitted Shawls
25 Relaxing Wraps, Cowls and Shawls
By Christine Boggis

Knitting shawls is a commitment...Ok, knitting anything is a commitment. But these are no chunky hats or simple mittens, they're not even a pair of socks you could dash off in a week or two. Shawls are major projects you want to love knitting as well as wearing. You need to love working on them, and then you can spread that joy, warmth, and affection to someone you love - or to yourself as you wrap up in the comfort of your own creation.

Knitted Shawls is a workbook with your health in mind: not only does it include 25 relaxing knitting patterns, plus a range of techniques to expand your skills, it also includes articles that explore the health benefits of knitting, how it can contribute to mindfulness and wellbeing, and much more. This book aims to take all those concerns out of the craft, as shawls don't have to fit in a certain way, or even end up in exactly the right shape to work. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experts, the workbook format introduces all the techniques you need before each design. It also includes a series of articles exploring the health benefits of knitting, how it can contribute to mindfulness and wellbeing.

About the author:
Christine Boggis is the editor of Knitting magazine and author of JOMO knits. She worked as a journalist in Sussex, Vienna, and London before joining Knitting, where she writes about knitting all day long then rushes home to spend the evening actually doing it. Having struggled with anxiety and depression for much of her adult life, Christine is keen to spread the word about how much knitting can help all those of us feeling stressed, worried, and overwhelmed. As well as knitting, designing, and writing about wool, Christine contributes to the mindfulness magazines Breathe and Teen Breathe. She is based in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom.

In my opinion:
Knitting has always brought me to my happy place. I love knitting and will always be grateful that my grandma taught me so many years ago. Did you know that knitting is relaxing? Christine explains that she has "knitted her way through several bouts of depression, including two lots of post-natal depression, and plenty of anxiety." Shawls take all this stress out of the equation. I believe any knitting project would be a way to destress except for sweaters. I've made one sweater and that is it. It is sort of like when I ran a 1/2 and done.

I've never knitted a shawl but this book has given me a reason to start (of course, after the holidays). I love knitting Christmas stockings. However, I found two designs in this book that I'm excited to knit. The In-flight shawl spoke to me as I imagined flying to Italy or London. Also, the Sparkle and Shine Cowl looked beautiful. The ultimate softness of alpaca, silk, and cashmere spoke to me. It would definitely be a little treat and a pick me up as Christine has called it to create the beautiful cowl. I'm always overly excited when my project is complete and I get to review my creation. Sometimes I'm my biggest critique but I'm always willing to learn and make any changes that are necessary.

Overall, this book was well written, included beautiful photos and definitely grabbed my attention to switch gears and knit a wrap, cowl or shawl. Let's see what I do in 2022.

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