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Shadow Mountain gave me three advanced reader's edition copies. They gave me An Inconvenient Letter by Julie Wright, Hidden Yellow Stars by Rebeecca Connolly and Sacred Days, Sacred Songs by Michael D. Young. 
Here are my book reviews...

An Inconvenient Letter
by Julie Wright


Complications arise when Marietta’s secret love letters are accidentally found by the wrong man.

1828, the London countryside.

For years, Marietta Stone has harbored a secret infatuation for the handsome Frederick Finch and has poured out her deepest feelings in a series of passionate love letters that she keeps in a locked drawer. But when Marietta’s private letters are accidentally delivered to Frederick’s house, she must retrieve them immediately before they fall into the wrong hands. If the letters were read by anyone else, the resulting scandal could jeopardize her reputation.

Gerard Hartwell has no time for infatuations, courtship, or even love. He must find a wife with a substantial inheritance if he wishes to save his late father’s bankrupt estate. When he accidentally discovers Marietta’s love letters at his cousin Frederick’s estate, he strikes a bargain with her. If she helps him court her older sister, Anne, he will return the letters and help Marietta win Frederick’s heart.

Marietta agrees, and the two quickly pretend to be courting in order to spend time with their individual love interests. Yet, what appeared to be a straightforward bargain becomes complicated when Gerard realizes that the more time he spends with Marietta, the more he wishes he could court her for real. But can he persuade Marietta to give him a chance when her heart might belong to another man?

In my opinion:

I was given an advanced reader's edition ahead of time and I was delighted to read this one. In 1828 in the London countryside, there was a young woman named Marietta Stone who had a secret crush on Frederick Finch. Little does she know that someone had mailed her love letter to his home. She knew she needed to get them before Frederick read them or she would have been super embarrassed. In comes another character named Gerard Hartwell who was friends with Etta when they were young. His challenge was trying to find a wife so he could keep the land he inherited with a dowry. They come together as partners to help one another. Will they help one another?

Overall, this was a remarkably clean proper romance which I appreciated. The story was clever and new. I was also drawn to the characters that Julie wrote about. Great story.

Hidden Yellow Stars
by Rebecca Connolly


Based on the true story of two World War II heroines who risked everything to save Jewish children from the Gestapo by hiding them throughout Belgium.

Belgium, 1942.

Young schoolteacher Andrée Geulen secretly defies the Nazis in Belgium, who are forcing Jews to wear a yellow Star of David. Andrée is not Jewish, but she feels a maternal connection to her students, who are living in constant fear, and decides to take action. No child should have to suffer under such persecution. But what can one woman do against an entire army?

Ida Sterno is a Jewish woman who works with the Committee for the Defense of Jews in Belgium, a clandestine resistance group tasked with hiding children from the Gestapo. She wants to recruit Andrée because her Aryan appearance can provide crucial security measures for their efforts. Andrée agrees to join and begins work immediately by adopting a code name: Claude Fournier.

Together, Andrée and Ida, and their undercover operatives, work around the clock to move Jewish children from their families and smuggle them to safety through the secret channels established by the resistance. As each child is hidden, Andrée commits to memory their true name and history. Someday, she vows, she will help reunite as many of these families as she can.

But with the Gestapo closing in and the traitorous Fat Jacques who has turned from ally to enemy and is threatening to identify and expose any Jew he meets, Andrée and Ida must work even harder against increasingly impossible odds to save as many children as possible and keep them safely hidden—even if it might cost them their own lives.

In my opinion:

I really enjoyed and appreciated this story told by Andree and Ida. These remarkable women made extreme sacrifices to hide Jewish children from the Gestapo. It was definitely an eye-opener for me since this was based on a true story. 

I was drawn more towards Andree because she was a school teacher and wasn't even Jewish. But, she loved all of the kids equally and would do anything to save them from the harsh circumstances. She was definitely a hero and hope that I can be like that in my daily life.

What I love about Rebecca Connolly is the amount of research that goes into each of her novels. Most are based on a true story. If you haven't read one of her books, I highly suggest it especially Hidden Yellow Stars.

Sacred Days, Sacred Songs

by Michael D. Young


Celebrate Easter with a joyful, soulful, and inspiring collection of songs about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Most people don’t often associate Easter with music, but author Michael D. Young has collected a variety of inspirational hymns and songs—some solemn, some jubilant—and his commentary on their meaning can enhance our holiday experience.

Each chapter focuses on the rich history of two songs that relate to the events of Holy Week, including the Triumphal Entry, the Last Supper, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. The complete lyrics for each song are provided, along with fascinating facts and stories behind each one. Also included are relevant scripture passages that illuminate the themes and events that inspired the songs, as well as a daily devotional of a Christlike attribute: deliverance, compassion, grace, hope, love, sacrifice, obedience, and renewal.

Listeners can also experience the beauty and power of the songs in an immersive way through the inclusion of QR codes that link to YouTube videos of a variety of choirs, including the famous Tabernacle Choir, singing the songs being discussed, including such favorites as “All Glory, Laud, and Honor,” “Amazing Grace,” “It Is Well with My Soul,” and “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” as well as lesser-known songs “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” and “Drop, Drop Slow Tears.”

Whether you are a seasoned churchgoer or simply someone who loves music, this gift book can help provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the significance of Easter, as well as the role that music has played in honoring and celebrating that Holy Week.

In my opinion:

I definitely think that Easter without music isn't quite the same so I was excited to receive a copy of Sacred Days, Sacred Songs. Music to me is everything. This book is a Holy Week devotional of songs. Each day has scriptures, a couple short paragraphs, and a few song lyrics. Since my copy is an advanced reader's edition, it didn't include the QR code but I was able to look up the songs on YouTube so it worked out. I'm actually going to use this book each day during dinner time since that is the most important meal time as a family. I highly recommend using this book to celebrate Holy Week. It is the perfect way to get ready for Easter.

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog and offer an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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