Welcome to Sweetly Made (Just for you)

Hi. I'm Emilee Reynolds and I've been been knitting since 2005, thanks to my sweet and patient Grandma. I started this blog to share my knitting projects but along the way it grew into family oriented ideas. 

I graduated from BYU with a degree in Marriage, Family, Human Development so I try and support business products and ideas that will help improve family life. I have three beautiful children, Elijah, Elizabeth and Olivia. They definitely keep me busy.

I also love the creative art of knitting and look forward to sweetly knitting Christmas stockings for you and your family. Check out my "Shop" section for more information. 

In addition, I design my own stocking patterns. My first pattern was for a Christmas Advent Calendar. I made 24 tiny stockings using bits of leftover yarn from a knitting store. After I designed many stocking patterns, I decided to create a 20 page Christmas Stocking Pattern book with 10 different Christmas stocking designs to knit. It includes four different basic instructions and a color chart for each pattern as well as an alphabet graph and abbreviations. My dream is to one day create a 200 page knitting book. Is that too much to ask?

Dreams do come true...

As for now...I want to share ideas to help individuals grow Spiritually, Socially, Physically, and Intellectually.

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~ Emilee ~

If you have any questions or comments please send me an email. Thank you.

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