Hot Chocolate Bar + FREE Printables

Now that it is January, it is time to have a hot chocolate party. Of course, it isn't a party without FREE printables. I don't know about you but I love decorating for parties. So, my sister Cassie decided to invite everyone over for a Hot Chocolate party. She asked me to create the printables and I had a blast designing a variety of tags for each of the toppings as well as a 8x10 sign.

For your party...gather friends and family and enjoy hot chocolate together. Create some minute to lose it games to play afterwards.

First, print off the Hot Chocolate Bar sign and frame it. Then, add some pretty red napkins, red/white straws and fancy colored mugs. I'm pretty sure you could find some cheap ones at Target or the dollar store.

Gather a bunch of mason jars and add toppings to each one. Beware of brothers making fun of your labels but it is all about the presentation.

Add a chalkboard sign that says, "Enjoy Hot Chocolate" and you are set for your party. Be sure to print off the FREE label printables. Cut each square, hole punch and add some decorative string or ribbon.

Enjoy these FREE labels made "just for you." You can even label the different hot chocolate flavors. These are perfect for any January hot chocolate party.

These labels and sign are for personal use only. Thank you!!!


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