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I've teamed up with Covenant Publications in their Christmas Round Up Blog Tour. Here are a few items to add to your Christmas celebration as you remember the true meaning of Christmas. This Holiday Round Up will put you and your family in festive frame of mind for a glorious holiday season.

It's All About Christmas

Like heirloom ornaments on a splendid tree, It’s All About Christmaswill put you and your family in a festive frame of mind for a glorious holiday season. Stuffed with stories, songs, poems, Christmas history, joyful traditions, recipes, and activities, this delightful book celebrates all things Christmas—from the sacred story of the Nativity to the lore of Saint Nick. Opening this book is like tearing the paper off a much-anticipated gift, offering new surprises with each turn of the page. Generously illustrated with scores of vibrant vintage images, It’s All About Christmas will remind you of Christmases past, help you appreciate Christmas present, and guide you to creating memories for the Christmases to come.
In my opinion:

I love “It’s All About Christmas,” because it includes stories, songs, poems, history, traditions, recipes, and activities all in one fabulous 230-page book! It opens with scriptures detailing the prophecy and birth of Christ from both the Bible and Book of Mormon. My kids were excited about reading the Christmas stories. I was ready to try the recipes and gift ideas for our neighbors. I love the section, “Christmas Around The World,” to learn about how others celebrate this season. Some of the classic stories are told in this book, including “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Elves and the Shoemaker.”  This is a wonderfully well-done storybook that will be read and used for many Christmas seasons to come! 

Words of Christmas


Investigate the deeper meanings of Christmas with this beautifully designed book that takes a closer look at twenty-five words, like hope, faith, and joy, that we hear throughout the holidays. Reflect upon the true meaning of these oft-repeated words.
In my opinion: 

I reviewed “Words of Christmas, Savoring the True Meaning of the Season One Word at a Time.” With a word a day, “Words of Christmas” helps share a short devotional and associated scripture, whether from the Bible, the Book of Mormon or the Doctrine and Covenants, to help focus the Christmas season on Jesus Christ.
In our home, we have a Christmas devotional every morning during the month of December, in which we sing a song, read a scripture and tell a story related to Christmas. This book is perfect for our tradition! One of my favorite advent words from the book is Charity because we were able to expound on the meaning of giving gifts and service by reading the scripture, talking about how it applies to our lives, and taking action by helping a neighbor in need. Other words include those pertaining to the Nativity; as well as words that describe Christmastime, such as traditions, peace, joy and celebrate.
I recommend using this book as an advent. This is a simple and effective way to help refocus the season by reading a short explanation and associated scripture of words that pertain to the meaning of Christmas.

Marble Christus 3" Statue

In my opinion:

Invite a spirit of peace and comfort into your home with this beautiful symbol of our Savior’s love for us. In this finely finished statue, Jesus Christ’s welcoming arms invite all to come unto Him. This 3” tall by 2: wide statute is perfect for a mantle, desk, or display area to remind us of the comfort and peace Jesus Christ offers us.

A Songbook for LDS Families


Her music and lyrics are timeless, her legacy limitless. Now audiences everywhere are invited to celebrate the work of musical legend Janice Kapp Perry with A Songbook for LDS Families, a stunning illustrated compilation of many of Janice’s most moving pieces. A Songbook for LDS Families highlights eighteen beloved and well-known songs, as well as twenty-eight newly penned Book of Mormon hymns composed by Janice Kapp Perry with text by Bonnie Hart Murray. The first section of this beautifully designed book showcases musical scores everyone loves, as well as new sister missionary arrangements of “As Sisters in Zion” and “In the Hollow of Th y Hand.” Incredible insights into the stories behind the cherished lyrics accompany each song. In addition to the choral arrangements, section two explains the process and highlights the scriptures that inspired the creation of these new Book of Mormon hymns. Also included in this special-edition volume are two CDs containing accompaniment tracks to all forty-six pieces of music. Underscored by the stunning artwork of Greg Olsen, Simon Dewey, and Tom Lovell, as well as the complete Book of Mormon art collection by Arnold Friberg, this unparalleled celebration of faith-promoting music is sure to be a treasured keepsake.

In my opinion:

I reviewed “A Songbook for LDS Families.” This book honors the musical legacy of Janice Kapp Perry. I remember listening to her music when I was a teenager, and now I enjoy playing her CD’s for my own kids! In fact, one of my daughters had the opportunity to sing and record Perry’s song, “A Child’s Prayer,” with the One Voice Children’s Choir, specifically for this book. I love how this songbook includes two CD’s, as well as the beautiful pictures and stories throughout the book. I have two children who have played the piano and are excited to try out some of these songs. We use this book for family home evenings, and to bring the spirit into our home with music.

He Knows My Name and No Ordinary Shepherd


Own two award-winning films for one low price! This 2-pack DVD set with stories featuring the Savior includes He Knows My Name and No Ordinary Shepherd.
He Knows My Name

Little Rebekah is fascinated by the man her neighbors call Jesus, and she wants to hear all He has to say. But her mother, Sarah, wants Rebekah to keep her distance. She has heard that some call this man Master and others a heretic, but beyond that, she has heard rumors that some factions wish to harm Him. However, Rebekah is persistent, and one day she brings Jesus home to meet her mother and grandfather—a simple act that will forever change all their lives.

No Ordinary Shepherd

As the sun beams brightly on the hills surrounding Palestine, one young shepherd boy thoughtfully considers the significance of the day. The child, crippled in a terrible accident, has always treasured his shepherd father’s tale of that starlit night so many years before—a night filled with the wonder of angelic heralds and a tiny Bethlehem stable sheltering the chosen Messiah. Now, years since that sacred event, tales of Jesus of Nazareth’s miraculous birth touch the young boy’s faith. When he meets the gentle stranger in the hills—a man oddly familiar to him—the faithful young shepherd encounters a miracle of his own.

In my opinion:
I reviewed “He Knows My Name.” This is a short movie about a girl named Rebekah, who is fascinated by the man her neighbors know as Jesus, and wants to hear all He has to say. But her mother wants Rebekah to keep her distance from this man others label a heretic. Rebekah is persistent, and one day she brings Jesus home to meet her mother and grandfather- a simple act that will change all their lives. 
This is an excellent movie that portrays the love Jesus has for us, particularly little children. It is an enlightening and spiritual movie that offers hope. I love the miracles Jesus performs in Rebekah’s home. This movie will be a perfect addition to your home for the Christmas and Easter holidays, and can be enjoyed throughout the year. It has a beautiful message about Jesus’ healing power when you put your faith in him.

This review is for “No Ordinary Shepherd.” This is a DVD about a young shepherd boy, who was crippled in a terrible accident and has faith in the Savior, Jesus Christ. On the anniversary of the starlit night in which his father had told him about so many times before, he meets a gentle stranger in the hills and encounters a miracle of his own.
I enjoyed watching this with my family. They were interested in the story line and had several questions through out about the Savior and the miracles he gave the young shepherd boy. This is a heartwarming short tale that I intend on watching every Christmastime. It will surely strengthen your testimony of our Savior, a great reminder for Christmas and anytime of the year!

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services for free in the hope that I would mention them on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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