Return and Succeed by Robert R. Shallenberger

We were given the opportunity of being apart of another book tour. The book I was told to read and review was called,

Return and succeed by
Robert R. Shallenberger

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The first few years after a mission can be some of the most critical years in a returned missionary’s life. The transition from the mission field to normal life can be difficult, and many RMs get lost in the shuffle and struggle to make that change. Author Robert Shallenberger draws on a lifetime of experience helping youth and adults with motivation and personal development to share powerful tips and advice that will not only help returned missionaries survive the transition but also help them be successful in all aspects of their lives. With advice grounded in LDS standards, Return and Succeed is an invaluable collection of life changing ideas, habits, and tools that will provide returned missionaries with the motivation and capability they need to stay firm in the faith and achieve their greatest potential.


This is a powerful and insightful book. Not only is it an excellent book for returned missionaries but also a great reminder for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints of things we need to work on. I like how it talks about how we should take time to study and ponder the scriptures daily with scriptures and references to go along with it. I also like how at the end of each chapter it summarizes the chapter in a nutshell.  I highly recommend this book to give as a gift for someone going on a mission or returning home.

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