9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown Week 4: FHE: Apostles +Conference Madness Game

FHE: Apostles

Purpose: To teach family members the importance of learning about each apostle.

Opening Song: "Follow the Prophet" (Children's Songbook, 110)

Opening Prayer:

Scripture: Mosiah 15:11

Lesson: Ask your family, "How well do you know the apostles" Use the fall leaves or spring craft sticks depending on the season. Each member of the family will take a turn by choosing an egg or leaf. Read the facts on the back to learn more about the apostles. Then play a guessing game where each member guesses the apostle. Divide into teams and take the quiz. See which team answers the most questions correctly. Quiz: “How well do you know the apostles?” Closing Song: “Do As I’m Doing” (Children’s Songbook, 276).

Closing Prayer:

Activity: Play Conference Madness

Refreshments: Spring or fall sugar cookies.
FHE Game: Conference Madness

Instead of March Madness, it’s time to play “Conference Madness!” This is a game that our family likes to play at family home evening. Since we enjoy sports and competition, it’s fun for the whole family. - Tiffany Here’s how it goes:
1. Use a poster board to draw up the bracket or print one from printyourbrackets.com for free. 2. Write each family member’s name on the bracket. 3. Place three tin cans or bowls on the ground. 4. Draw a line where each family member should stand. Younger children may stand closer to the tin cans, older stands farther. 5. The first two competitors begin. Whoever tosses in the highest number of coins, beanbags or balls wins the bracket. Move on to the next bracket. The winner of the top two brackets wins. 6. If desired, play a winner bracket and a loser bracket. 7. Be creative- if there’s a tie; play until there’s a winner. 8. Play the games starting with game number (1, 2, 3). For example: W1=winner of game one, L1=loser of game two, and so on.


Print off brackets depending on family size for FREE at PrintYourBrackets.com

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