9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown Week 5: Articles of FaithFile Folder

Hey everyone! I apologize for the lack of blog posts lately. Our computer crashed which had been a real downer. And, it was right before our Make a Wish Disney World trip which was amazing. I'll have to dedicate more time to blog about the wonderful experiences we had as a family. We celebrated with our daughter, Elizabeth who wished to go to Disney World. Now, our new computer is up and running and I'm finally catching up with all of the Ensign General Conference talks as well as my 9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown. So, bare with me as I add more posts.

This week for my 9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown, I wanted to focus on our Articles of Faith file folder that we created for our ebook, Growing up with Conference. If you haven't heard, we (sisters) created an ebook just for you to prepare for General Conference. Hooray! There isn't a book out there that has ideas for General Conference so we wanted to be the first.
You can order yours TODAY at AMAZON for only $3.99.

I know you will find some fun ideas in our book that will help you learn, listen and live General Conference throughout the year.

In this book, you will find our Articles of Faith File Folder which I created "just for you."

The best part is that it is completely FREE for you to download and print. And it is super easy to create. Make yours today so you will be ready for General Conference (two weeks away).

Create a file folder for kids to learn and memorize the thirteen Articles of Faith. For younger children, match the colors correctly. For older children, match the Article of Faith to the word. This is a fun and busy activity for children to enjoy during general conference.



File Folder

Contact paper


2” Paper cutter

Double stick tape


  1. Print out the FREE downloads at https://www.sweetlymadejustforyou.com/p/free-printables.html.

  2. Cut out each word flower using the paper cutter and attach the words to the file folder with double stick tape.

  3. Use a paper cutter to cut around the title page and side title. Attach to the front of the file folder with double stick tape.

  4. Use contact paper to laminate file folder.

  5. Cut out the numbers and attach Velcro to each one.

How are you getting ready for General Conference? It will be here before you know it so prepare now. I have always loved General Conference and I know these ideas will help your family get in the spirit of the messages we will hear. I can’t wait!!!

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{I’ll try to post on Wednesdays so be sure to check back for more fun ideas for General Conference}

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