9 Weeks till General Conference Countdown Week 6: Workbook (Subscribe)

Now that our computer is up and running and we are back from our fantastic vacation, I've had to cram a lot of these weeks within a few days. There is only 9 days till General Conference. Can you believe it? Yikes! That came up really fast. So, if you haven't had a chance to purchase our exciting new ebook, Growing up with Conference, there is still time for you to do so. This idea and other countdowns are also in our ebook titled, Growing up with Conference. Once you purchase you can download ASAP.

Our book is filled with ideas to make General Conference fun year-round. It includes crafts, recipes, FHE lessons and more. You can order yours TODAY at AMAZON for only $3.99. I know you will find some fun ideas in our book that will help you learn, listen and live General Conference throughout the year.

Today, I'm going to share a fun workbook that I came up with when we were gathering ideas for our ebook, Growing up with Conference. This is exclusive and hasn't been shared with our wonderful readers yet. It includes 51 black and white pages to help your little one practice their handwriting from A-Z. And, of course it is completely FREE.


However, I'm trying to add more subscribers so once you 1. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER (I'll start sending newsletters soon), then I'll send you the FREE workbook via email. That's it! All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter (head to our HOME page and it should pop up and you enter your name and email address). NOTE: I don't sell emails or names to anyone. Your information is just for sending you monthly newsletters.

To give you a sneak preview of the 51 page workbook, here is the title page...

And here are a few pages starting off with the letter A for Apostle. There are pages with each Apostle and your children can write three things they learned from that speaker. Also, I created a couple fun pages where you can guess the song. It is a fun workbook for children ages 4-9 so I'm sure you will love it. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and then I'll send you a FREE exclusive copy of the 51 page workbook. Hope you enjoy it!


{I’ll post on Wednesdays so be sure to check back for more fun ideas for General Conference}

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