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Grab some popcorn and your family members because I've got something really cool to share...

Have you heard about Living Scriptures Streaming???

"With "Come Follow Me" being introduced we envision families using the Living Scriptures service to enhance their lessons and assist in the ultimate goal of creating a gospel centered home. We also hope that you and your children will love to watch these movies during down-time during the day, on Sunday's or for FHE. 

When you hear Living Scriptures you probably picture one of your favorite cartoon stories: like when Nephi and his family sail to the Promised Land and overcome many obstacles. You may also have flashbacks of people selling videos at mall kiosks- well those days are over! Living Scriptures now offers an online streaming service that contains over 1500 titles especially for Latter-day Saints such as The Other Side of Heaven, Once I was a Beehive, 17 Miracles, and The Miracle of Jesus. The monthly subscription also allows the videos to be accessed on all your children's devices; the videos can even be downloaded for offline viewing."

In Emilee's opinion:
I'm so excited about Living Scriptures Streaming. I grew up seeing those mall kiosks and always dreamed of having all the videos in one place. Well, now they have more than 1500 titles in one is a miracle. Some of my favorite categories they offered were "New and featured releases," "My List (where you can store videos to watch)," Romance is in the air," "Come, Follow Me," and "Animated Book of Mormon, New Testament and Old Testament." I love that they have weekly Come Follow Me videos. It is so easy to show your children. The best part is that you could show them on so many different devices. Overall, Living Scriptures Streaming is the perfect solution for sabbath day activities for your children. It is also perfect for any day of the week. I highly recommend it and you will receive ONE FREE sure to go through the link below.

Streaming Service Details: 
Good clean fun! With hundreds of movies and audio stories especially for Latter-day Saint families, you'll never run out of good things to watch. Enjoy anytime on your favorite devices. Available for browsers, tablets, smart phones, Roku, Chromecast, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. 

What's on Living Scriptures? 
Enjoy animated scriptures stories, Latter-day Saint produced comedies and dramas, church inspirational films, values-based children's shows and much more. There are thousands of titles to choose from with new titles added every week! 

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Check out this awesome Living Scriptures Video funny.


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