Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt

I created 5 pages of instructions you can download for FREE. Click HERE to get the Treasure Map and HERE for the 52 Things to do to prepare for baptism.

This treasure hunt correlates with the thirteen Articles of Faith. First, start a month before your child's seventh birthday. Choose a day each week to complete each week's assignment.

Here is an outline of the week's assignment for each month:

Week 1: Article of Faith packet

Week 2: Read a Friends talk or book on baptism

Week 3: Choose a video to watch or song to listen to.

Week 4: 52 Things to do to prepare for baptism checklist.

Treasure Map

Instructions for Treasure Map:

Avast ye, scallywags. Time to plunder on this Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt. Join us and yer fellow pirates for an adventure as ye embark on the path to find the treasure.

This will take thirteen months to complete so start a month before your child’s seventh birthday. As your child completes each week’s assignment he/she can add a sticker to each dotted line (there are four dotted lines between each number to represent each week). After your child completes each month’s assignments reward him/her with a small prize (dollar store prizes). Each month he/she will also memorize an Article of Faith. Once he/she has completed the Article of Faith packet, memorized the Article of Faith and says it out loud without looking, let him/her take a candy from the candy jar or prize box.

When your child has completed all thirteen numbers, present a treasure box (gift box, shoe box, etc). Items in the treasure box may include a white towel, journal, pen, Baptism book, new tie, white handkerchief, white pillowcase, set of scriptures or a white bracelet.

Your child is now ready and prepared to enter the waters of Baptism which is a wonderful treasure he/she will receive.

Each Article of Faith includes the following:

  • Words

  • Write your words page

  • Treasure Hunt Race

  • The Article of Faith (Read three times)

  • Write out the Article of Faith page

  • The Article of Faith 8×11 page
Repeat the Article of Faith out loud (without looking) and return completed packet to parents on Friday for a prize (candy jar or small dollar store prize).

I hope that you enjoy doing this Baptism Preparation Treasure Hunt with your child to prepare him/her for baptism. I know this was inspired to help my family and hope it will inspire your family as well.

Here is Article of Faith 1-10

Instructions (word)

Month 1: The First Article of Faith (The Godhead)

Month 2: The Second Article of Faith (The Fall of Adam & Eve)

Month 3: The Third Article of Faith (The Atonement of Jesus Christ)

Month 4: The Fourth Article of Faith (First Principles & Ordinances of the Gospel)

Month 5: The Fifth Article of Faith (How Are We Called of God?)

Month 6: The Sixth Article of Faith (Organization of the true church)

Month 7: The Seventh Article of Faith (Gifts of the Spirit)

Month 8: The Eighth Article of Faith (Scriptures)

Month 9: The Ninth Article of Faith (Continuous Revelation)

Month 10: The Tenth Article of Faith (Christ will reign over gathered Israel)

And here is the rest of the Articles of Faith 11-13

Article of Faith #11: Religious Freedom

Click on the following, download and print…

Article of Faith #12: Obeying the laws of the land

Click on the following, download and print…

Article of Faith #13: How can I be virtuous?

Click on the following, download and print…


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